High Fashion: High Adventure with Helen Martin (Podcast Ep 29)

Published by: janean strong on 12-24-2017

Helen Martin followed her dream and became an Haute Couture Model. She has a fun and inspiring story to share. Helen’s book of essays, High Fashion High Adventure will be available early 2018.

Helen is a Former fashion model, experienced television actress, spokeswoman, fashion consultant and published writer.

Helen’s website... Helen Martin Style, is dedicated to every woman who chooses to be master of her universe; who understands the meaning of “claiming your space”. Having the confidence to walk into a room and know you look fabulous. Looking good and creating “your own style” frees you up to be bold, to take risks, to relax and enjoy ‘the moment’.
Many of us, want to ‘find that groove’, want to feel, look and act - not younger – but modern, current, active and attractive at any age.
She rejects the notion that some women feel their “glamorous time” has passed. Women and Glamour – it’s the same thing!
We, as women, do not want to look like our daughters, our nieces, dress like the ingénues on the red carpet or try to look younger. We want to find our own personal style, our place; defining us.
Helen Martin hopes to challenge, inform and inspire women of all ages to reach their highest potential.

As a top high-fashion model, Helen Martin has appeared in dozens of designer shows, ...Christian Dior, Balenciaga, James Galanos, Kritzia, Marc Bohan, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Bob Mackie, Oscar De LaRenta, Karl Lagerfeld, Channel, Donna Karan, Pauline Trigere, Todd Oldman, Fendi Furs, Valentino and Givenchy.
Helen includes in her extensive resume the Midwest Fashion Director of three Chicago area Neiman Marcus stores
She has appeared in numerous fashion magazine layouts, including People magazine with Stanley Marcus of Neiman Marcus. Ms Martin was selected to model a James Galanos gown, symbolizing the ‘best‘ for his book called Quest for the Best. Ms Martin is featured as one of 75 women in the book, Texas Women, published by Taylor Publishing. Her fashion and commercial background included bookings with internationally known fashion photographer, Victor Skrebneski.
In the fashion industry, Ms Martin was named Regional Fashion Manager of Neiman Marcus stores where her responsibilities included serving as liaison with the Chicago fashion press, supervising all major fashion events in a three-store area and presenting fashion clinics to community and civic groups.

Professional Experiences
Produced and narrated Fashion segment ’Smart and Casual for Over 50 and Fabulous’
 Fox 4 TV Morning Show
Co-Executive Producer and Host TV Special: Women in the Outdoors
 Broadcast on WFAA TV ABC
Style Editor, Feature writer, Today’s Dallas Woman magazine
Midwest Fashion Director Neiman Marcus, three Chicago stores: Michigan Avenue, Oakbrook and Northbrook
Instructor, Style and Image, KD Studio
Runway Model, Photography Model, Neiman Marcus
Fashion Model/Talent, Kim Dawson Agency
TV segment host, Channel 27 “Weekend Magazine” Fashion segment (13 weeks)
Featured writer ’Society’ magazine, Nancy Smith, publisher
Style Editor and monthly featured writer ‘Today’s Dallas Woman Magazine’
Co-Editor and featured writer for ‘Shikar/Safari Magazine’

Helen Martin's website

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