Communication Dynamics: Verbal and Non-verbal Problem Solvers w/ Julie Chai

Published by: janean strong on 01-21-2018

Or, what to do when one needs to talk and the other doesn’t.
Most of us will marry or be in a close relationship with someone who is put together differently than we are.
The main difference is between the verbal processor who needs to talk to figure things out and get their “aha” moment and the non-verbal processors who need time and space to think things through to arrive at their “aha.”

Julie Chai is an ordained pastor, potter, poet, artist and spiritual director working in private practice. She has combined her gifts of poetry and art in a monthly column in Families First Monthly for the last 17 years.

In her private practice, she offers Inner Listening Therapy and energy work to help clients access repressed feelings that are blocking the flow of their energy and causing dis-ease in their emotional and physical lives. She offers premarital counseling focusing on communication dynamics and has officiated and worked with close to 300 couples for over 30 years. Her work is based upon the principles of Mindfulness or present moment awareness.

Credit to Dwana Markova’s book The Art of the Possible: How People Think, Learn and Communicate.

Julie's Web Site

Keywords: verbal, non verbal, relationship, Inner Listening, communication, pre marital counseling

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