Melissa Harris: Visionary Artist Painting the Stories of Women (Ep 31)

Published by: janean strong on 02-04-2018

What does it mean to be an artist? Is everyone an artist?

Melissa Harris combines her background as a clairvoyant with her artistic abilities to create 'Spirit Essence Portraits’. She has created the beautiful card deck 'Creatrix, anything is possible, activation cards', as a tool for women to turn to for comfort, advice and inspiration.

Celebrating women’s love of life, beauty, nature and magic with all varieties of paintings from fairies to angels to goddesses to tropical seascapes. Teaching classes combining art and spirituality are among my favorite things to do. Join me in my Woodstock NY studio or travel and paint with me in all sort of exciting exotic, visually and spiritually stimulating locations.

The best way to learn more about my life as an artist and intuitive is to read my book “Painting Outside the Lines” – part memoir, and also addresses the questions about the connections between creativity and spirituality that folks have asked of me over time.

“Painting is my medicine…Through these decades of a sometimes erratic and ever-evolving life, painting had been the one constant. Relationships and homes have come and gone, but my paint box is always with me.”

BFA from Syracuse University in Painting and an MFA in painting from Queens College in the New York City area
Fulbright grant to Paris in Painting for Paris in 1985.
In 1990 she birthed my publishing company, CREATRIX.

At Melissa's website you can see her gallery and purchase her paintings and products along with her books
'Painting Outside the Lines' and '99 Keys to a Creative Life'. She also has a beautiful yearly calendar!
Melissa's books and calendar

Melissa's homepage

Keywords: creativity, painting, visionary artist, women, clairvoyant, watercolors

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