Becoming a World Class Musician w/ Avery Sharpe (Ep 42)

Published by: janean strong on 07-08-2018

Avery Sharpe is a world class acoustic & electric bass musician. Avery is truly an ordinary person living an extraordinary life and an inspiration for us all as a person who is 'doing' what he loves.

Avery tells a fun, interesting story of his life surrounded by music. He has successfully made his way in the world in an incredibly fun and rewarding 'job' as a jazz and classical musician!

Some of the great musicians Avery has played with are McCoy Tyner, Archie Shepp, Art Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie and Pat Methany.

Honesty. Clarity. Dignity. These are words that come to mind when you listen to the music of bassist-composer Avery Sharpe. In an age of ephemeral pop stars and flavor-of-the-month trends, Sharpe is a reminder of the lasting value of steadfast dedication and personal integrity. As the title of one of his tunes asserts, “Always Expect the Best of Yourself.”

"As someone once said, the people who had the least amount of democratic rights, created the most democratic music in the world - Jazz"

Here is the link to Avery's favorite album

YouTube link to listen to Avery's recorded music

Avery w/ McCoy Tyner and George Benson

Avery Sharpe website

You Tube Video Slide Show

Keywords: jazz, music, Avery Sharpe, classical, acoustic bass, electric bass, Archie Shepp

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