I Finally Figured Out How to Use MailChimp

Published by: janean strong on 11-08-2017

Well, I wasn't sure I would last this long in the Podcast Kingdom. Not having any background in podcasting. Although I am sure my training in Theater helped!
Knowing you are out there cheering me on has helped me to keep on keeping on.

I confess I totally forgot about sending out emails... marketing is not my strong point.

The one difficulty is that I don't get much feedback...
I would LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU... what you like, don't like and what topics or people you would like to see on Keepin it Real with Janean.

I have so enjoyed each and every podcast conversation. It is a privilege to be able to interview such interesting and dedicated folks who really have something valuable to offer you, my listeners.

I do not make any money from doing this.. it has become a labor of love.. so it is most appreciated if you could share the links to the podcast with your family and friends.

As of this writing there are 25 great podcast episodes.. new ones appear if you subscribe every 2 weeks.

Thank you so much for signing up on my email list!
Until next time..... Take Care & Be Well!!!


Some of My Recent Podcast Guests are Below

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Your Story Matters: Write Memoir!
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Dr. Michael Smith

Medical Cannabis
with Dr. Michael Smith (Podcast Episode #24)

Dr. Matt Flory
Healing Chronic Conditions
with Dr. Mathew Flory (Podcast Episodes #20, 21 & 22

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