December Letter and Top 10 Podcast Conversation!

Published by: janean strong on 12-25-2017

WOW a whole year since I started Keepin it Real with Janean.... I have learned so much about podcasting and several friends have commented on how I have improved my delivery. Yea!
One person even said I should do this professionally... well, I am not so sure about that, but if the opportunity ever came around I would jump at it!

I would LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU... what you like, don't like and what topics or people you would like to hear on Keepin it Real with Janean.
I have realized that I so enjoy peoples stories and how important it is to have a place to tell ones story and for others to hear personal stories and learn and most importantly to be inspired.

I have enjoyed each and every podcast conversation. It is a privilege to be able to talk to such interesting men and women who really have something valuable to offer you, my listeners.

If you enjoy this labor of love.. I would very much appreciate your sharing the links to the podcast with your family and friends.

There are now 29+ inspiring podcast episodes.. some better than others and they all have something valuable to share. New ones will appear every 2 weeks on your mobile device if you subscribe.

Below are some of my most favorite conversations of the year... in case you missed any of them.

Thank you so much for signing up on my email list!
Until next time..... Take Care & Be Well!!!

The Top 6 Downloads of 2017 are Below....just in case you missed any of the early shows

Melissa Joy Jonsson
Extraordinary Living aligned with the True Callings of the Heart
Pocast Ep 9

Janie Bowthorpe
Stop the thyroid Madness
Podcast EP 2

Lion Goodman

Our Beliefs Create Our Reality
Podcast Ep 3

Krista Poulton, Medical Herbalist
On or Off 'the Pill' Podcast Ep 10

Rae Chois
Overcoming Stuckness in Your Life
Podcast Ep 6 part 1
Podcast Ep 6 part 2

Paul O'Brien
Great Decisions, Perfect Timing
Podcast Ep 12

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