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Published by: janean strong on 05-06-2018

Life and Death. Both are always with us. However we don't normally think about death unless someone we know is dying or has passed.
It is an especially poignant conversation when the person dying is younger and it shouldn't be 'his 'time'.
It helps to believe, as I do, that birth and death are transitions and that a part of us lives on.
I have spent this past week supporting my former husband's transition. Even more important has been being the container for his family and friends. I have been feeling like I am the rock that everyone can count on. It is a good feeling, these are tough times for all those who care about him. Enough time has passed since our divorce and enough healing has been done that I knew I could come and be the strength that everyone needed.
And the wheel of life turns....

Here is a pic of our new baby chicks

Because of these events, I had to re upload an older podcast conversation as I didn't have time to edit a new conversation. I have been helping my Functional Medicine Doctor with her office work and noticed that there were a lot of thyroid issues for patients. So, I thought I would use my conversation on Thyroid with Janie Bowthorpe.

Stop the Thyroid Madness with Janie Bowthorpe
Are you exhausted? Feel like Crap? Brain Fog? It isn't hopeless! This may shed a new light on Thyroid imbalance for you or someone you know!
Janie Bowthorpe author of ‘Stop the Thyroid Madness ‘ joins Janean for an extremely informative episode on Thyroid and Adrenal imbalances.

Janie has written 2 books and created a comprehensive thyroid website on the net that includes patient discussion groups. Janie’s unique focus is reported patient experiences and the wisdom gained from those experiences.

Are you or someone you know exhausted, have trouble remembering things, gaining weight, high cholesterol, depressed, have foggy brain, dry skin and hair, feel hopeless…. the list is long!
Then this episode is for you…. there is hope!
Learn why the TSH test is NOT a good indicator of Thyroid health.
Why testing T4 and not T3 is inconclusive… and it has to be free T4 and free T3.
Questions you need to ask your doctor and tests you must insist on.
Why your temperature is a good clue to your Thyroid health.
How low iron and adrenal fatigue fit into the picture.

For archived Conversations I have chosen:

1. Janet Barrett, Reframe Past Hurt into a Neutral Present
You can change a painful story or belief about yourself through reframing

Reframing is about:
How to take the emotional content and story out and just work with the energy patterns that are there... letting them unfold into something new or different. Which is really taking the human reaction out and allowing for Consciousness to play and evolve. We are the human interface of how Consciousness knows itself.

2.Gary Van Warmerdam, Happiness is an Inside Job
Self limiting beliefs rob us of joy and create needless suffering

Meet Gary van Warmerdam, student and friend of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

Gary shares his journey from victim hood to empowerment. Along the way he met Don Miguel Ruiz who was guided to share the teachings of his ancestral ancient Toltec wisdom. Through Don Miguel, Gary learned how ‘human domestication’ shapes our beliefs and who we think we are. Eventually Gary took this knowledge and created his own Self Mastery Program. He coaches clients one on one and teaches workshops. You can find his book MindWorks on Amazon. MindWorks

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This is my gift and service and your help in getting the word out is very much appreciated!

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Take Care & Be Well

Stop the Thyroid Madness
with Janie Bowthorpe

Podcast Ep # 37
Listen Now

Reframe Past Hurt into a Neutral Present
w/ Janet Barrett

Podcast Ep # 13
Listen Now

Happiness is an Inside Job
with Gary Van Warmerdam

Podcast Ep # 17
Listen Now

Raspberry Balsamic Dressing with Poppy Seeds

Source: Susan Scott

Prep Time: 5 mins

Dressing For Strawberry Spinach Salad

1 cup avocado oil, 220 g
1/2 cup raspberry balsamic vinegar, 120 g
1/4 cup (60 g) honey
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
2 tablespoons poppy seeds
1/8 teaspoon mustard powder

1. In a pint jar, stir together the honey and vinegar until the honey is dissolved.
2. Add the salt, oil, poppy seeds and mustard powder. Cap tightly and shake vigorously to combine.
3. Shake or stir again before serving.

Or whisk or blend all ingredients until well combined. If using a blender, don’t blend the poppy seeds. Blend everything else then stir in the poppy seeds.

Use on a salad of fresh spinach with strawberries or mandarin oranges and toasted pecans.

Keywords: thyroid, adrenal, T3, T4, Janie Bowthorpe, health, low temperature, Janet Barrett, Gary Van Warmerdam, Don Miguel Ruiz

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