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Published by: janean strong on 06-17-2018

Balance… To Be or Not To Be

I have been thinking about balance in life. The passing of my former husband spurred my musings about how a person can be SO successful in some areas of life and SO messed up in others.
The element of high drama appears to be a factor in those I recognize as being highly capable and really good at what they do. But often the relationships that pepper their lives are messy and full of drama. Maybe people like me, who steer away from drama, end up being too boring for those folks as they don’t get that ole adrenaline rush flowing when we refuse to bite at the opportunity for drama. We do tend to be much more reliable, loyal and steady though!

I remember in my earlier days… I have always loved big houses… and the house i was living in was too big just for me so I had a young couple as housemates. They were nice and seemed to have their act together… problem was they both thrived on drama… they often had big huge knock down arguments that they recovered from quickly… not so much me. I felt traumatized for a long time after each one… had to ask them to move out! Turns out they both grew up in drama filled households and for them that was the norm. I am just too sensitive to live that way.
Anyway, I have been musing on whether being highly successful in some areas of life needs somehow to be balanced out by other areas being dysfunctional. I know quite a few highly successful people that this appears to apply to.
Just an idea that may not hold water, but give it some thought and see what you come up with. Hmmmm… Balance…

Also, I have created a Keepin it Real YouTube channel. I am learning how to create a slideshow to go with the Podcast audio and convert to a video for YouTube. I will be gradually adding all of my podcast conversations. I am also researching how to transcribe each conversation so there will be a document for those who want to read.
Any suggestions re: free transcription services/software that are easy to use and work well would be lovely!
Guess I should not look forward to having much free time in the near future... haha

BTW my garden and orchard are looking pretty good this year. Although I am not seeing a lot of fruit on the apple trees. Perhaps they need a rest. I was advised that I was not feeding the veggies and fruit enough nutrients before (a common problem, I am told) so I will be on top of that this year!

Since the nights are chilly here (Great for Sleeping!!!) I was told it is best to grow Peppers, Cukes and Basil inside. I have a small greenhouse and I have to say these plants are boogieing right along!


My latest podcast conversation is The Adventures of Jennifer Williams

I learned about Jennifer from my sister Julie. Jennifer ordered some pottery from her and they because bosom buddies. Julie said that I must have Jennifer on the podcast and, she was right. I fell in love with Jennifer too. I am hoping the 3 of us can go see her tortoises on Kaui'i together!

Jennifer Williams has had an adventurous life as an educator, artist and animal savior.

In 2016, Jennifer Williams was one of only five teachers, nationwide, inducted into the NATIONAL TEACHERS HALL OF FAME and is the first Idaho teacher to have ever been recognized by the President of the United States for this award.

Jennifer is a published artist, and currently has 7 children’s books to share stories, that are mostly factual, about the plethora of sentient beings that always seem to find their way into her life.

Jennifer passionately advocates for all creatures, great and small. It has been said that Jennifer ‘is the most generous person I have ever met’.

Jennifer created the truly inspirational 'Project Van Go':
Imagine a handful of at risk teenage students traveling in a van, on dirt roads, during a school day and miles from any town.
Imagine these same students, who typically do not receive much, or any, positive reinforcement in life, about to embark on something that will be forever life changing.
Imagine, too, these students as they arrive at a tiny, rural school, met with hugs by the 3-10 students in the school.
Imagine that, for the first time in their lives, they are given the responsibility of teaching art and, maybe, becoming heroes to somebody because they brought the gift of art to a place that rarely, if ever, has visitors from the outside.
This is the heart of ‘Van Go’: students teaching students art in a profound and memorable way, by taking art to disenfranchised schools, mostly, that have no organized art lessons, art teachers, or art budgets.

For archived Conversations I have chosen:

1. Pain = Dysfunctional Pathological Patterns w/ Dr. Larry Zaleski
Chronic pain, tightness and less flexibility may be caused by the life force being blocked within the spine and meningeal system (sheath that surrounds the spinal cord). This is caused by not recovering from emotional, mental, chemical, and physical stress. Dr Larry helps us understand (with a bit of humor) this process and what we can do about it.

Krista Poulton, Medical Herbalist, is back for a very informative check in on TEAS.

2. Communication Dynamics of Verbal and Non-Verbal Problem Solvers
W/ Julie Chai

Or, what to do when one needs to talk and the other doesn’t.
Most of us will marry or be in a close relationship with someone who is put together differently than we are.
The main difference is between the verbal processor who needs to talk to figure things out and get their “aha” moment and the non-verbal processors who need time and space to think things through to arrive at their “aha.”

Who do you know that can benefit from these podcast conversations? Please share the love far and wide by forwarding this email to friends and family.
This is my gift and service and your help in getting the word out is very much appreciated!

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Take Care & Be Well

The Adventures of Jennifer Williams
Podcast Ep # 40
Listen Now

Pain = Dysfunctional Pathological Patterns with Dr Larry Zaleski (Podcast Ep. 7)
Listen Now

Communication Dynamics: Verbal and Non-verbal Problem Solvers w/ Julie Chai
Listen Now

Your Healthy Yummy Recipe

Rhubarb Muffins

1/2 C Vanilla Yogurt (I use plain with added Vanilla Stevia)
2 T melted Butter
2 T Oil
1 Egg
1 1/3 C Flour (soft white wheat)
3/4 C Brown Sugar (Rapadura, Coconut sugar)
3/4 tsp Baking Soda
1/4 tsp Salt
1 C diced Rhubarb

1/4 C Rapadura or Coconut Sugar
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 tsp Nutmeg
1/4 C crushed Nuts
2 tsp Butter, melted

Oven 350
Stir together yogurt, melted butter, oil and egg.
In large bowl, stir together flour, sugar, baking soda and salt
Pour wet into dry and stir until just blended
Fold in rhubarb
Spoon into cups

In small bowl stir together topping ingredients
Spoon on muffins
Bake 25 minutes
Cool 15 minutes before removing

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