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Ouch.... crack, crunch

I mean, what does it take to pull a tooth out? I always had this notion that if you really wanted to pull a tooth you could tie a string around it, tie the other end to a door handle and have someone slam the door. hmmmm was that 'an old wives tale'???
Anyway, in the 70's when my family was living in Geneva. This Swiss/German dentist said my teeth were soft and he could fix the situation with caps and crowns and realigning my bite. Realigning my bite was important for 2 reasons. My sister, Julie, used to complain because my jaw would click while I was chewing. She found it very annoying. Also, when eating something like an apple, my jaw would often lock in 'open' position and I had to manually unhinge it.
Every dentist I have been to since has marveled at the work.
There was one particular appointment that was hell. Turned out I had to have an unexpected root canal. It was late in the day and I think my dentist was hungry.... maybe he was supposed to be somewhere... at any rate he was a really crabby Swiss/German!
The point is, that was the tooth I had to have pulled as it was infected and there was a lot of bone loss to boot. Many doctors today will tell you not to have a root canal because of future problems and just to have it taken out and have an implant put in. If you have listened to my conversation with Dr. Matt Flory on Chronic Conditions you will recall that there is often an underlying dental problem that has become systemic.
So, I have a bunch of bone graft from a New Zealand cow (that I am grateful for) and in 9 months or so I can have an implant put in. Right now I look a bit like a chipmunk on the left side.
BTW, my dentist said that they can use a synthetic material for the bone graft but it doesn't work as well. I said, I am not going through all this without the best outcome!
Looks like I will have to put off my YouTube video trailer for a bit.

I have created a Keeping it Real with Janean YouTube channel. It is still a work in progress. I am gradually adding all of my podcast conversations.

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My latest podcast conversation is Becoming a World Class Musician with Avery Sharpe
I met Avery in Amherst Massachusetts, hmmm must have been later 70's. My boyfriend/husband played in a swing big band and a Jazz quartet. I loved to dance and used to teach ballroom dancing. So, when Joe was playing with the big band he would look for a friend for me to dance with while he was playing. Cute and considerate!
When Joe (Cifarelli) played with Avery Sharpe it was Jazz, so not really anything to dance to... more hang out and listen. I remember being extremely impressed with the quality of their playing. Little did I know they would both end up being extraordinary professional musicians.
Avery certainly has made a name for himself playing with the 'greats' of his day in the Jazz World. He is also a classical musician and has even written and conducted the soundtrack for the film, An Unremarkable Life. His six-movement piece, America’s Promise, debuted with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra.
I have always liked Avery. He is another genuine 'good guy'.
This is fun and interesting. I know you will enjoy our conversation.


1. Extraordinary Living Aligned with the True Callings of the Heart with Melissa Joy Jonsson
Melissa Joy Jonsson (M-Joy) is an Author, Speaker, Inspirational Leader Founder and Instructor of ‘M-Joy’ Seminars. She is best known for her ability to engage people from all over the world to embrace their True Authentic Power by playing in the field of the heart. She has a unique perspective on how we are able to experience living joyfully and loving completely.

* The True Authentic Self
* Trust your inner knowing
* The physical body can be the last to 'get the memo' that we are not in integrity with ourselves
* Heart centered awareness allows us to connect from a place of completion
* We have access to all possibilities simultaneously from the field of the heart
* Being first, then doing
* Time is holofractal
* True Authentic Desire vrs our programming
* Synchronicity as the language of the interconnected universe
* True Authentic Power = the recognition that there is nothing to power over
* Self love as authenticity
* Addictions as placeholders

2. Reframe Hurt into a Neutral Present with Janet Barrett

You can change a painful story or belief about yourself through reframing

Reframing is about:
How to take the emotional content and story out and just work with the energy patterns that are there... letting them unfold into something new or different. Which is really taking the human reaction out and allowing for Consciousness to play and evolve. We are the human interface of how Consciousness knows itself.

Here are 6 important points about successful reframing

1. Be willing to address that you have an issue. Being honest with ourselves. People can really play around with this. We can easily rationalize and reason, excuse and justify.
2. Recognize that there is a pattern even if you are not aware of it. Denial is powerful. It Helps keep the pattern in place. Conversely we can be very aware of the pattern and associate with it ...thus never changing.
3. Heart Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness. Here is where we have the ability to be neutral.
4. If you could notice how your issue is being useful in some way what might that be about? It is keeping you safe in some way.
5. Allow for it to be different. We don’t always have to know the story or specifics. Just about changing the state of awareness that one has been holding it in. This is the open ended question that comes to mind in that moment.
6. Register the change. You feel something different. It is not about thinking something is different. Feel it in your body. You May or may not be able to articulate it. Which is fine. We are working the right brain and not the verbal processor which is left brain

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Take Care & Be Well

Becoming A World Class Musician w/ Avery Sharpe
Listen Now
Reframe Hurt into a Neutral Present w/ Janet Barrett
Listen Now

Extraordinary Living Aligned with the True Callings of the Heart w/ Melissa Joy Jonsson
Listen Now

Your Healthy Yummy Recipe

How to Velvet Chicken Breasts
Ever wonder how you favorite Chinese Restaurant gets their Chicken so moist and Tender? Original from Victoria

1 Egg White
1 T Chinese Rice Vinegar
1 T Cornstarch or Arrowroot
1 tsp Himalayan or Real Salt
1 lb Boneless chicken breast sliced thin
8 C water
1 T Peanut Oil

Whisk egg white, vinegar, cornstarch and salt together in a bowl. Add chicken, cover and marinate in fridge 30 minutes or so.
Boil water and reduce heat to medium.
Lift chicken out of marinade and into boiling water. Boil until white on the outside, about 1 minute. Should still be raw on the inside.
Strain off liquid and store in fridge or use right away. Can be done several hours before cooking your meal.

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