Sacred Spacing with Marc Gilson (Ep 44)

Published by: janean strong on 08-05-2018

The Importance of creating time and space for something 'Sacred'.
If we let it... Life will fill every moment of every day!
Marc Gilson gifts us with some great takeaways!

Marc Gilson has served as the Director of Client Services and Product Design at Centerpointe Research Institute for over 20 years. 
You may have used Centerpointes’ Holosync meditation technologies.
During that time Marc has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable teachers in the world of meditation and sound-based therapies. He also manages Centerpointe's team of Accelerated Results Life Coaches and maintains a private coaching and mentoring practice.
He's the author of numerous essays and articles on subjects ranging from personal development and mindfulness meditation to music appreciation and art therapy. 
Our topic today is "Sacred Spacing," or, creating time and space in your life for meditation & stillness. Perhaps a mental health break, or time for "Wu Wei" or non action & making a place for value in our lives.

Marc begins our conversation with a is The Ring

Marc's Personal Growth Blog

Holosync 5 Day Challenge

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