Know Yourself Through Human Design w/ Richard Scott

Published by: janean strong on 08-19-2018

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and is a valuable tool for human understanding.
Richard Scott has been studying, working with and living Human Design for 16 years. He tells the fascinating story of it’s origins, explains the basics and how HD can help you live your life as who you are meant to be. You will find Human Design to be a fascinating window to understanding yourself.
With Human Design you discover what makes you different from everyone else. It offers profound insights into your psychology, along with strategies and techniques for making correct decisions and ultimately leading to a life of more ease and fulfillment.

Once you start experimenting with the knowledge, you may experience changes in your perspective. Over time, this helps you learn what brings fulfillment. Everyone has a Signature — peace, satisfaction, success or surprise—that comes when they are living in accordance with their true nature. A lessening of resistance in the form of anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment is the end result.

A fundamental aspect of Human Design is based on what is scientifically known as the Neutrino.
Neutrinos are unusual particles that carry an infinitesimal amount of mass. About 3 trillion neutrinos, and the material information they carry, pass through every square inch of the planet per second. Our Sun produces about 70 percent of all neutrinos that travel through our solar system, with the remaining 30 percent emitted by other stars in our Galaxy, and a small amount from the planet Jupiter.

In 2015, the scientists Takaaki Kajita (Super-Kamiokande Collaboration) and Arthur B. McDonald (Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Collaboration) were awarded a Nobel Prize for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass. Ra Uru Hu published this as the science behind the Human Design System as early as 1991.

Since Neutrinos have an infinitesimally small amount of mass, as the stream passes through us it leaves information. It is a stream of information, and within each of us exist particles that connect us to the stream. At the moment of birth, we are imprinted by the information carried by the neutrino stream via the planets. This imprint is reflected within your Human Design Chart, and determines your particular Design. This information provides us with the knowledge to understand our nature, potential, and forms of interaction.

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Ra Uru Hu tells how Human Design Began
Human Design video

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