Know Nothing, Access Everything w/ Karen Sperling (Ep 47)

Published by: janean strong on 09-16-2018

Karen Sperling accesses shifts and changes through Good Listening and creating a state of At-Ease. Our world is constantly in chaos, creating change. Everything in your life can be chaotic at times and is constantly changing. It’s the natural way of life.
In a STATE OF AT-EASE you can shift how you perceive and deal with every concern, issue and interaction. You are already there. Karen helps you hear yourself and others, to notice what is available in an expanded state of awareness and to heal. 
Karen said: “It has been an enormously stressful time and boy, I hope I can practice what I preach…"

When people comment that I do so much (which I don’t feel I do), I always say, “Just do something, some time”. For 30 years I have belonged to a service Ashram that takes care of hungry people in the streets, people with AIDS and addictions.  I learned from that community to be present in the streets, hospitals and hospices and to make food and feed people. Over the years, I have monthly, weekly or daily made meals and walked the streets and Venice Beach Boardwalk, having the privilege of talking to homeless people, learning from them and loving them. I took in 5 African American children whose mother died of AIDS and have been their care giver, support and comfort zone for the past 25 years.  

Karen Sperling also has a successful career as a writer. She was the first women in this country to write, produce and direct feature films and the first to hire an all woman crew in 1973. She has written screenplays, novels (published by Doubleday), a Broadway musical about the first woman to run for President of the U.S., and a series of interactive children’s books. 

She has facilitated seminars and workshops across the United States. After years of private practice and doing more intimate workshops she states, “My work is in the moment, different every time with each individual and group. I don’t have a website nor do I want a separate identity for this expression and expertise, as I feel what I do is done together as a mutual exchange of healing and awareness with my clients and students.”

As an educator, writer and publisher she developed a unique series of interactive children’s books to encourage children’s creativity: - “Where every child is an artist and a story teller”.

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