Pain Management w/ Dr. Kevin Wilson (Ep 49)

Published by: janean strong on 10-14-2018

We all have pain at some point in our lives and many have chronic pain.
Some of the topics we cover are Prolotherapy, inflammation caused by diet, Vitamin C for pain management, using pain medication, The Gut/Brain Connection, the Endocannabinoid System, anxiety and depression and Movement for wound healing. VERY informative with lots of takeaways.
Dr. Wilson has been in private practice as a Naturopathic Physician for over 35 years. His emphasis is in orthopedics, gastrointestinal conditions, hormonal issues, and pain management.
He has used regenerative injection therapies including Prolotherapy, Patelet rich plasma and prolozone in his daily work for more than 25 years.
Professional political endeavors have been a big part of his life, Working for the naturopathic profession in Oregon in many positions. Because of these activities, he has been awarded both the Centennial and Living Legend awards from the Oregaon association of NP and the National College of Natural Medicine
As a frequent speaker, Dr. Wilson is active in the promotion of greater pain management awareness and education.
He was honored to have been chosen as one of the reviewers of the Institute of Medicines’s Relieving Pain in America.
He is also proud to be a husband, father, kayaker and paddle board enthusiast and gardener.

Professional Positions:
*Founding Board member and core faculty member of NATI (Naturopathic Academy of
Therapeutic Injections) since 1999
*Committee member of the Clinical Management Committee for Complementary
Healthcare Plans (CHP) since 1996, Past Chair of the Naturnet Advisory Committee for
*Legislative Chair for the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OANP) since
2006, current member of the committee
Recipient of the Centennial Award, 2009
Member of the OANP Legislative Committee since 1984
Secretary-1984, Vice-president-1985, President-1987, Past-president-1988
*American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)-
Board of Directors – 1988-1989
Delegate, House of Representatives, 1986,2000, 2008 to the present
AANP Vice Speaker of the House of Delegates 2009-2010
*Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners- appointed by Gov. Barbara Roberts in 1989,
Chair of the Formulary Council for the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Physicians
since 2003, member since 1999
Member of the Ad hoc committee on the definition of preventive medicine, 2000
Peer review committee member presently
*Adjunct faculty member for the National College of Natural Medicine- 1990-2016
Clinical instructor in Physical Medicine at NCNM 1/2016-7/2016
*2007 Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Convention Planning Committee
Steering Committee of the Portland chapter of the Pain Society of Oregon – 10/2011
Board of Directors of the Pain Society of Oregon
Oregon Pain Management Commission-- 7/2012 to present
Task force member of the ACCAHC Task force on Integrative Pain Care-- 6/2012 to 2014
Reviewer for article submissions to JACM( Journal of Alternative and Complementary
Medicine) currently

Oregon Pain Management Commission

Dr. Kevin Wilson's Website

You Tube Slide SHow

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