Being Limitless: What Gets In Your Way w/ Lion Goodman

Published by: janean strong on 11-11-2018

Lion Goodman is a Subconscious Pattern Detective.
I’ve been called a belief therapist.  I help people heal core wounds (mostly from childhood), delete old programming from the Human Operating System, and clear away limitations, resistance, and blocks from the psyche.
When you remove negative and limiting beliefs, what emerges is your power as Creator of your own life. You can then easily and naturally create the great and beautiful life you deserve.

I’m also an author, coach, and teacher. I love people, and I love my work.

My methods work by diving down into the causal matrix of the mind, in the subconscious, where our beliefs create our reality. When you change your beliefs at the core, your reality changes. You can feel it immediately, and it’s permanent.

In addition to coaching individuals and couples, I train coaches, healers, and change agents in my methodologies for rapid inner transformation.

I’m a very practical person. I explore all methods that release people from past limitations, and end suffering. I want everyone to experience a life of freedom and joy. I want this for you, so you can express your magnificence fully, and live from your virtuous True Self. This is my path to create a better world for everyone.

My work has been featured in educational companies such as The Shift Network, Mindvalley, Lifebook, Impact Coaching Academy, and in dozens of media outlets, including and

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Clear Your Beliefs Website

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