Powerful Plant Medicines: Are They Right for You w/ Joe Bazeghi (Ep 56)

Published by: janean strong on 02-17-2019

Joe has over ten years experience in plant medicine and loves sharing the miraculous healing power of plant medicines with others.

His healing work is rooted in a deep commitment and passion for health, wellness and justice.
Experience in grassroots, community-led organizing, inspires his work that connects healing and transformation with organizing for justice and collective liberation. He is dedicated to exploring the use of plant medicines for healing from individual and collective trauma.
Joe’s dedication to medicinal cannabis arose when his father was diagnosed with cancer and Manna Cannabis was started to fill a void in the understanding of the healing properties of cannabis sativa, and plant medicines in general.

We will talk about personal experiences. Cannabis, Microdosing, Ibogaine.
Using Iboga for drug and alcohol addiction.
Importance of keeping a journal while finding the right plant and dose.
Uses in Anxiety and Depression.

Global Ibogaine Alliance

Joe's email = mannacannabis@gmail.com

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Keywords: cannabis, Ibogaine, Iboga, LSD, Psyllicybin, microdosing

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