Dealing with the Challenges of Anxiety & Depression w/ Dr. Matt Flory & the Functional Health Team (Ep 59)

Published by: janean strong on 03-31-2019

We have an epidemic of Anxiety and Depression these days. What is going on!
Dr. Matt Flory, founder of the Functional Health Team and two of his team, Shelly Hogan and Amanda Laplante share their knowledge and personal experiences of Anxiety and Depression from a Functional Medicine Perspective.

Dr. Matt Flory is the founder of Functional Health Team. As a doctor practicing Functional Medicine, Dr. Flory specializes in holistically treating inflammation and inflammation-related complaints. Dr. Flory’s team of Health detectives utilize Functional Medicine’s unique diagnostic procedures and largely natural treatment methods, with a focus on Methylation and Nutrigenomics.

Amanda LaPlante, is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who battled multiple autoimmune diseases for two decades. After discovering the power of nutrition and root cause medicine, Amanda dropped over a dozen medications, shed 50 pounds & regained control of her health. She has a weekly radio show 'Get Real to Heal’.

Shelly Hogan is 'Breath Mamma'. She is a Breathwork Facilitator who weaves the methods of Rebirthing and Transformative Breathwork into her own unique approach of Integration Consciousness.
In less than a year’s time with her daily breathwork practice, she altered her subconscious programming and healed several addictions to chemical dependencies and past patterns of beliefs formed from childhood trauma. Her life contract was to experience extremes of Near Death by failing at suicide as a teenager to becoming an embodied facilitator of consciousness.

Functional Health Team Website

Anxiety Quiz

Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker

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