Friends with Your Mind: Exploring PTSD w/ Lynn Fraser

Published by: janean strong on 10-27-2019

How to stop torturing yourself with your thoughts!

In 2005 Lynn Fraser was punched off her bicycle by a mentally ill stranger as she rode to work one morning, which led to PSTD.

She later learned that those with difficult childhoods are much more likely to develop PTSD.

Our brains are shaped by our experience throughout life. When we are protected and loved, we know we belong and our systems relax. When we experience disturbing events, our defense mechanisms kick into gear and we become hyper-vigilant scanning for danger. This shows up in our nervous system, our emotions and in compulsive, judgmental, catastrophic thoughts that steal our peace of mind. Most are not even aware that everyone does not live this way.

Lynn has been Meditating daily since 1993 and teaching meditation for twenty two years to thousands of people in person and online. She really understands the mind and knows how to work with it.

She provides free daily live online guided deep relaxation, breathing and mindfulness inquiry practices to support you in exploring and welcoming your whole being.

Lynn has years of experience working with trauma, healing her own Developmental Trauma, complex PTSD, and PTSD. Working in groups and in private sessions, she helps people heal their childhood trauma so they are more free to enjoy life.

Lynn utilizes The Stillpoint Method of healing, a combination of the principles and practices of the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition, her experiences in facilitating the Living Inquiries (a mindfulness inquiry developed by Scott Kiloby), and her extensive study and knowledge of trauma and healing. Lynn Fraser brings her heart and whole being into her work.

Lynn's Website
There is a FREE 10 Day Healing Trauma Course on her site!

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