The Illusion of Separation w/ Rev Janice Hope Gorman (Ep 76)

Published by: janean strong on 11-24-2019

Fire and Wire the Truth of Who You Are!

“Hope”, as many people call her, was given that name by one of her early teachers – Hope means “Help Open Planetary Eyes”, which is the foundation of her work. Her vocation is mainly focused on spiritual teaching and mentoring to help people realize their own magnificence and personal power. She is passionate about the profound spiritual awakening, which is the hallmark of these times; that we are all ONE. Her teachings are universal in nature and do not represent the beliefs of any one religion or spiritual practice or movement.

In addition to one-on-one spiritual counseling, she offers a yearlong leadership program for people who are called to become Ordained Interfaith Ministers. Hope was awarded the YWCA Woman of Distinction. She is on the Board of the Diversity Program for the Mayo Chaplaincy Program and is a member of the Interfaith Symposium Group. She has begun a program called WOW – Women of Wisdom, dedicated to helping women to work together toward the greater good. Hope also hosts The Pure Hope Show, which is broadcast monthly on Blog Talk Radio. Ten years ago, Hope started the “Peace Pass It On” Peace Pole Project. Peace poles have been planted in the Mankato area as well as in France, Israel, and Palestine. The Peace Poles promote peace and positivity to all who connect with them.

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