Spiritual Hygiene: The Rubber Meets the Road w/ Selina Maitreya (Ep 80)

Published by: janean strong on 01-19-2020

Spiritual Hygiene: The foundational practice for those who want their life to be
their practice. For those who want to embody the knowledge that they possess
so that it becomes who they are, not just a bunch of thought and words. Actually
walking the talk!

How do we truly transform into loving beings and bring our frequency of
love into our daily life 24/7

Acknowledge……. Access….. Actualize

Acknowledge we are living in conditioned response

Access: Our highest frequency our intuitive knowing as our response to daily
life events.

Actualize: How we actualize this shift

Includes a 5 minute Meditation: 'Laying Down The Shield'
When we let go of habits and behaviors that do not serve, Spiritual Hygiene doesn’t get any more real then that!

Selina Maitreya's focus: Practical Spirituality, How to turn daily chaos into Peace. We have the capacity within us to utilize any difficulty as a transformational tool to increase our consciousness and to be at peace. In my personal experience, This really is the key to living an extraordinary life and just downright feeling better and more positive about life!

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Keywords: spiritual hygiene, Selina Maitreya, beliefs, expectations, transform, intuitive knowing

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